FRANCHITHINK – a platform where the interests of investors and franchisors intersect, a place for interaction between international participants in the restaurant franchising, space for new business ideas and the creation of their own restaurant franchises.          


Date: 30.11.2017 

Time: 09:00-19:00 

The target audience: restaurant franchises of Ukraine, foreign restaurant franchises, investors (potential owners of restaurants), leading restaurateurs, franchisees, suppliers and other representatives of the restaurant market

Number of participants: 1500 

Geography of participants and visitors: USA, Ukraine and CIS countries, Great Britain, Europe and Asia 



Forum’s format:  

  • Main Stage: 800 people;
  • EXPO zone: more than 30 participants;
  • Educational area CREATE, THINK: 200 people;
  • Franchises presentation room BUY: 100 people;
  • The negotiation zone is a hotel area with a restaurant service;
  • Appointment scheduling service. 




Location: “Parkoviy” congress and exhibition center, 16└ Parkova road, Kyiv, Ukraine