"Hospitality Industry 2022:
The Most Hospitable Country in Europe 

The mission of Hoteliero Club is to turn Ukraine into the most hospitable country in Europe. One of important steps on the way to reaching this goal is mutual principally new and deep understanding of economic, social, political and marketing reality by hospitality industry leaders, mutual application of new approaches to establishment and implementation of successful business strategies.
The foresight customer is HOTELIERO, the club of hoteliers and restaurant keepers. Methodological support of the foresight is provided by the research team of WikiCityNomica.

How to look ten years ahead?
Yes, ordinary strategizing tools do not work
Yes, we are too busy performing current operations
And we are used to thinking nothing depends on us.

Future can be constructed and designed.
The methodology of designing future is called foresight.
Industrial foresight is the most efficient form of foresight due to the fact that the main players of the industry are almost always able to introduce desired systematic changes on condition of mutual consent and consecution in the course of implementation.

What is foresight?
Foresight is a complex of research and management measures aimed at forecasting and constructing future.
Foresight is a multi-stage research uniting different methods of studying and designing future ("delphi + analysis + agreement + )

Systematic changes in the image and position of Ukraine, organisation and operational of the Ukrainian hospitality industry within next ten years.

Purpose of foresight:
1. Agreement of interested parties to construct the desired future
2. Increasing the quality of strategic solutions
3. Joint actions

Differences of foresight:
1. Focus on management conclusions and business strategies "What to do?, not only "What will happen?
2. Proactive position of foresight subjects to form the desired future instead of responding to challenges of the external environment
3. Combining rational (analytical) and irrational (subjective) approaches

Basic principles:
1. Future depends on the way we see it and on our efforts
2. Future is variable, and variants depend on decisions taken
3. Future is not forecasted, it is designed
4. Governments change, and we remain

Foresight participants perceive themselves as a subject aiming to select its future itself and manage its achievement

Participants = subjects = customers
Owners and top managers of
hotel estate objects and managing companies;
hotel operators;
restaurant networks;
inbound tourism agencies;
international cultural festivals, sports events and congresses;
investment funds;
and other influential and interest parties whose circle is determined by Hoteliero Club.

Working procedure:
- Main working session (April 13)
The event is held in the gadget-free format at the territory of the hotel which is rented for two days for the project.
- Final four-hour session (the end of May)
- Presentation of results (June)

Minimum analytic materials: key trends and development scenarios;
future variants and factors of their formation; characteristics of the social, economic, and political environment of the future; projections regarding key industry segments.

Optimum + personal insights and solutions of foresight participants.

Maximum + general conceptual background, interests and aims which can be used by participants as a basis for long-term projects. Increase in the industry influence in general.

Methodological support:
Think tank + methodological laboratory.
The mission is systematic integration of city, industrial, professional and other civil communities in order to create the new quality of social communication and life
Personal contacts with the leading researchers of our times + own persistent research

three project sessions and presentation of foresight results;
coffee breaks;
analytical material and results of the project in the form of a book.