Expanding the opportunities of hotel communication systems

Efficiency and only efficiency is an essential attribute of any successful accommodation business. If all processes are regulated and simplified by means of advanced techniques and software, the hotel staff will get the opportunity to provide its guests with consistent and effective high level service.

There are a lot of solutions for accommodation business; however, there is one product which deserves special attention. This product takes the functionality of hotel telephony to a new level of efficiency. Together with the world developer Eurocom, Panasonic has presented Smart Hotel which is communication software based on its own IP-PBX. The easiest way to understand the sense of Smart Hotel software is to simulate some common situations in accommodation business.

Situation #1 «Finnish delegation». The curator of a Finnish group turns to the front office of one of Kyiv hotels with a request to control that all the colleagues wake up on time because of the early departure from Kyiv to Helsinki (the flight is at 08:00, so it is necessary to be at Boryspil airport at 06:00). Moreover, the group's curator asks about it 2 days before the departure. Naturally, there should be no risks that someone will not wake up on time. Smart Hotel provides the hotel manager with the opportunity to set up a wakeup call in every room where the Finns live. If in one of the rooms the call is not accepted, the receptionist will see the message and will take follow-up actions. All information is available in the system, no matter whose shift it is on this day. As a result, the business trip of Finns to Ukraine will be successfully completed, and the hotel will make a good impression.

Situation #2 «A message for you». The head of the purchase department of some major company has a short-term business trip to Odessa. Due to the busy schedule, he fails to meet with some suppliers, so he asks some of them to bring and leave their product samples for him at the hotel. While the guest goes about business in the city, several suppliers leave their lines of samples for him. When the guest returns, he will see in the room a lighted "message" indicator, dial a receptionist and get full information about the things left for him. Even if it is another’s receptionist shift, the guest will still get the product samples and the information left for him. All this is possible owing to the function of sending message signals to rooms provided by Smart Hotel. In addition to sending internal messages feature, Smart Hotel, being connected to external services, can send SMS or e-mail notifications to the guests of the hotel.

Situation #3 «Excursion for guests from Germany». The group of German-speaking tourists put at a hotel in Lviv. They decide to have a sight-seeing tour, which they have not planned. Of course, the guests need a guide who speaks German and they ask the hotel receptionist for assistance. The receptionist will immediately give the guests a tour agency contact, which is guaranteed to provide high-quality excursion service in German. Moreover, this tour agency has a partnership agreement with the hotel. The guests will quickly get the information they need, because the hotel Development Manager has already added this agency to the Smart Hotel Address book leaving clear comments on it. Smart Hotel Address book is available to all hotel receptionists and contains dozens of partners whose services the guests may need. The Development Manager and receptionists take care of the information it contains and are always ready to provide assistance to the gests giving advice and sharing contacts.

These are just a few situations demonstrating how the functionality of Smart Hotel software based on Panasonic IP-PBX takes the hotel telephony to a new level of efficiency. There can be dozens of similar situations when this product may help owing to its really wide functionality:

  • Unification of all guest data and integration with third-party software
  • Microsoft Windows Interface, all calls and guest data are combined in a single interface
  • Call management via PC (forward, hold, conference and even record)
  • Possibilities of a modern IP-PBX for developing internal telephone network
  • Authorization of the staff – it is always clear whose shift it was and who left the information
  • Loading unit charge rates and calculation of cost of outgoing calls from rooms
  • Planning and sending SMS and e-mails to guests after connecting external providers of such service
  • Comfortable processing of group orders
  • Responding to emergencies – automatic informing of emergency services in case of actuation of the hotel safety sensors (break-in, smoke spread, alarm button).

Commenting on Smart Hotel, Panasonic business products integration expert Sergey Lyashenko, notes: “Surely Smart Hotel has interested hoteliers in Ukraine. The product has excellent functionality and good purchasing conditions: unlimited with time license and training program for staff how to manage Smart Hotel. Besides, the product has flexible scaling, so it is good both for small hotels and for large recreational complexes. We understand that every business is unique, has its own unique requests, and the development of modern hotel telephony requires the consideration of many parameters of hotel property and integrated solutions. This is our scope of competence: along with the experience of integration of Smart Hotel in Ukraine we have got international experience, since world hotel chains use Smart Hotel software.”


Additional Information:

  • Smart Hotel can be based on IP-PBX Panasonic only (series KX-TDE, KX-NS è KX-NSX) and is based on modularity. The configuration can be changed in accordance with the hotel infrastructure demands.
  • Smart Hotel website http://s-hotel.com.ua
  • Smart Hotel on Panasonic website http://b2b.panasonic.ua/smarthotel 
  • Panasonic Ukraine helpline +380 44 490 3898