Restaurant Innovator Committee

The Club Committee has been established for the purpose of creation of quality innovations in the restaurant industry by providing exclusive content. The Restaurant Innovator Committee is a perfectly organised site for professional communication of chefs, owners and managing directors of restaurants. Ten times a year participants are given an opportunity to speak the same language and discuss topical issues and all peculiarities of gastronomy culture: culinary innovations, original ideas, sharing experience, getting acquainted, the economic component of all states of restaurant operation and many others. 
The main guest of the debut meeting of the Committee was a specially invited world-famous chef, Fujivara Yoshihiro, or simply Yoshi, one of few specialists in the world working with live fish tank seafood. He had cooked a sophisticated Japanese dinner with the variety of the freshest seafood for the guests of the meeting. Yoshi and his wife Oksana Yamkovaya made a report on importance and selection criteria of high-quality ingredients, the Japanese cooking and eating philosophy, ancient traditions and modern trends in the Japanese society and gastronomy. The climax of the evening was the real show from the chef: Yoshi cooked more than six different dishes from the live red king crab by means of Miele equipment. It was hard to imagine something fresher and tastier! The entire process was accompanied with valuable Yoshihiro’s comments.