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At the Event you will learn:
  • What are the most popular restaurant concepts expected in 2019?
  • Five most important trends of restaurant concepts with real examples: Food Market. Wine bar. Cocktail bar. Fish restaurant. Multiformat restaurant. Why exactly they?
  • How to earn money in a Ukrainian restaurant? Search for your “blue ocean”.
  • How is management organized in fine dining restaurants and how they differ from “just restaurants”?
  • How are world ratings formed and who has a voice to give a star or not?
  • How does a restaurant with 3 Michelin and all Bocuse d'Or live “from the inside”. How to meet expectations of guests who for months waiting for the cherished place at the table and lay out hundreds of euros for lunch or dinner?


Program of the event:

23th of Oktober (Tuesday) 

9:00-10:00 Registration and coffee break
10:10 Opening of the forum and welcoming speech of the organizers

«Most in-demand restaurant concepts in 2019», Daria Tsivina, co-founder and co-owner of the consulting group Prosto Expert (Moscow, Russia)

The presentation deals with:

  • Top-5 trends in restaurant concepts with specific examples: Food market, Wine Bar, Cocktail Bar, Fish Restaurant, Multipurpose Restaurant. Why them?
  • Success tools of the top concepts on the market. Background and predictions.
  • Examples of successful and failed copied and unique concepts created outside the context.
  • Analysis of concepts based on the forum participants’ cases.

«How to make money from the Ukrainian cuisine by bending the rules», Elena Zhigun-Zhurba, owner of Prynada Ukrainian café (Kiev, Ukraine)

The presentation deals with:

  • Work experience of "Mirovaya Karta" and Buddha-Bar: a way from top-manager to entrepreneur.
  • How to start business with minimum investments? Pressure points. Search of the "blue ocean".
  • Criteria of a successful restaurant here and now.
  • When and how the need to scale up occurs.
  • Presentation of local Ukrainian products.
  • Ukrainian ways of making money in Ukrainian.


«Digital technologies or how a restaurant can become closer and more noticeable for the guests», Nataliya Storozhenko, METRO HoReCa Communication Specialist

12:30-13:00 Coffee break

«To close or to rebrand, that is the question», Daria Tsivina, co-founder and co-owner of the consulting group Prosto Expert (Moscow, Russia)

The presentation deals with:

  • Connection between location and concept. Initial failure to meet a happy medium.
  • How to close a restaurant before it’s too late? Examples of real-life reasons for closing. Nuances of a competent sale.
  • Key principles of concept renovation. Examples of real-life reasons for rebranding.
  • Successful and failed rebranding cases based on examples of Moscow restaurants.

«How to create an author’s menu and recipes, but not to copy», Yuriy Priemsky, chef of the Odessa restaurant and the new Asian restaurant Spicy NoSpicy (Kyiv, Ukraine)


Coffee break


«Haute cuisine on heels», Marina Kerbitska, chef in Mulino Mule café (Paris, France).

Work experience in the following restaurants: Lassere 2*, Geranium 3*, Il Carpaccio 1*.

Master-classes with famous chefs, including the pastry chef of 2* Passage 53 (Paris), the sous chef of Bristol 3* Epicure (Paris), assistant of Senior chef instructor Alain Ducasse Education of 2* L'enclume (UK). Marina Kerbitska also assists Roberto Rispoli, Il Carpaccio/Mavrommatis 1* (Paris) in the preparation for the participation in Creative Chefs Summit.

The presentation deals with:

  • Why is it difficult for women to become chef in Michelin-starred restaurants? Are the efforts justified?
  • Destructive ambitions and reasons to pursue them.
  • Organisation of management in Haute cuisine restaurants versus ordinary restaurants.
  • Who earns more: a lead cook in the star restaurant or an assistant cook in a corner café. 

«Great expectations. The influence of Michelin, restaurant ratings, and social networks on food consumption and restaurant industry», Virginia Anne Newton, spokesperson of the restaurant Geranium 3* (Copenhagen, Denmark).

The presentation deals with:

  • Who is authorized to give a Star?
  • The procedure of restaurant ratings, criteria for awarding stars, and ways to get on the list of Top-50.



Buffet. Tasting craft cheeses and wine


Date: 23 October, 2018.

Time: 10 a.m. (registration starts at 9 a.m.)

Location: Premier Palace Hotel Kyiv at 5-7 Shevchenka blvd./ 29 Pushkinska St.

Participation fee for non-residents of the HOTELIERO® Club:

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If paid from the 2 to 13 October 2500 2300 2200 2100 2000
If paid from the 14 to 20 October 3500 3300 3200 3100 3000
If paid from the 21 to 23 October 4500 4500 4500 4500 4500


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