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Restaurant Forum of the Hoteliero Club is held for the fourth year in Kiev.  This year we choose the theme “Painful points of a restaurateur: concept profitability, gender stereotypes, logistics of local products”

Restaurant forum: 'Restaurants of the future. How will the restaurant market change in the next 5 years?'

Have you noticed that eating in restaurants has become better quality wise and more affordable. Quality fast food, round-the-clock breakfasts, healthy food, Vietnamese, Korean and Mexican cuisine, new tastes, sauces and combinations and all of this is actively coming to Ukraine.

Butchers Stories. July 22. BEEF meat&wine

July 22 is the best day for spending it in the company of best Ukrainian and Spanish butchers to listen their Butchers Stories and take part in 4 master classes in Josper, work with Ribs, by-products and steaks. Host of event is BEEF meat & wine restaurant.

Untypical Franchising: How to Create, Buy or Sell a Franchise?

6 and 7 July will be two days in Lviv that will make you believe that Franchising may be untypical.  During these two days, you will attend lectures that will be of interest both for business owners and investors who are planning franchising. We have invited eleven speakers holding Ukrainian

14 March. Kyiv. Business Breakfast of Hoteliero Club: Customers from All Over the World! How to Use SMM to Attract Eurovision Fans to Your Hotels and Restaurants?

 Mistakes Made When Preparing for Euro 2012. How to Avoid Them When Preparing for Eurovision. Recommendations for Hotels and Restaurants    

1 November. Business Breakfast of Hoteliero Club: Perform Like an Actor! Public Performance. Success Secrets.

  Date: 1 November (Tuesday) 2016 Business Breakfast of Hoteliero Club: Perform Like an Actor! Public Performance. Success Secrets. Start: 10:00 a.m. (registration from 09:30 a.m.) Venue: Kyiv. President Hotel, Congress Hall, Section B+D : 12 Gospitalnaya Str. Dvorets Sporta (Sports Palace) Metro Station How to overcome fear of public performance and learn to speak and be heard? Public performance includes meetings, negotiations, interviews, welcome speeches and even ordinary conversations. On 1 November Mikhail Kostrov, the art director of Black Square Improvisation Studio School, will share secrets of successful performance, help find you individual style and image and present yourself and your own project favourably, at the business breakfast of Hoteliero Club.

5 September. Evening Meeting of Hoteliero Club: How to Open a Restaurant on the Outskirts? Guest Attraction Secrets

On 5 September restaurant owners and managers, market specialists and SMM managers, everybody planning to leave the downtown are invited.

23 June. Thursday. Evening Meeting of Hoteliero Club: Mistakes and Ways of Their Solution in the Hospitality Industry

How are issues solved by general managers of chained-brand hotels where everything runs like clockwork according to standards, with maximum proactivity as to possible complications? What advice can be given by experienced management directors who have opened dozens of hotels and formed teams at