HOTELIERO® Hoteliers and Restaurateurs Club commenced its activity in September 2009. The club is the only site which systematically unites professionals of the hospitality industry and enables them to exchange experience and knowledge. HOTELIERO® Club has held more than two hundred events, and, in particular, has initiated creation and organisation of the following projects: Ukrainian Hospitality Awards, Georgian Hospitality Forum and SALT Restaurant Awards.




The mission of HOTELIERO® Club is to turn Ukraine into the most hospitable country in Europe by 2022. We change the way people think, their attitude to the profession and the idea of hospitality itself by filling the industry with professional events. We also develop internal and inbound tourism by encouraging culture evolution.


Members of the Club

The Hoteliers and Restaurateurs Club has been established for people who treat the hospitality industry more as a vocation than just a job.
The target audience of the club includes:
• owners and top-managers of hotels and restaurants;
• top figures of Ukrainian and international companies of the hospitality industry as well as the related spheres;
• development companies;
• market experts.

Corporate Values


Development. HOTELIERO® Club always monitors the latest tendencies at the market and aims at keeping up with and exceeding expectations of the hotel and restaurant business players.
    Efficiency. We are always aimed at the best result.
HOTELIERO® Club puts its heart into its projects and embodies its ideas for the sake of development of the industry in the country.


HOTELIERO® Club Events
    Each meeting of the Club consists of the educational part aimed at increasing the professional level of hoteliers and restaurateurs, and the informal part when the participants may spend their time in the pleasant company of their colleagues, share useful contacts and experience.
The quantity of participants at events varies from 60 to 150 people, 40% of whom are owners of hotels and restaurants, both going and under construction, 45% - managing directors, and 15% - partners. The ratio between hotels and restaurants is 70%/30% respectively. 
Events of our Club raise topical issues for hoteliers and restaurateurs. Content of events is always topical, useful and modern. We do our best to encourage and engage each participant.

    Participation in HOTELIERO® Club is a significant complement to establishment of the professional image for both novice top managers of the hospitality industry and experienced professionals of the industry. Every participant will find it useful to share experience and innovative ideas.
    Membership in HOTELIERO® Club enables to participate in all the Club events during the year, including evening meetings, business breakfasts and special-purpose committees meetings.
    Main Meetings of the Club
     Main meetings of the Club are held in the evening in the best conference halls of Kyiv in the discussion table format. The theme of the meeting is selected in advance. Each participant of the discussion table expresses his or her point of view, asks loaded questions for opponents and topical questions for allies. The theme is fully explored by means of live discussion, thus helping to find a solution and set new goals.
    Business Breakfasts
    A business breakfast is an educational event which includes a morning meeting of HOTELIERO® Club members in the cosy atmosphere. The master of the event is a reputed representative of the international or Ukrainian HoReCa market. Each person present may be given a competent answer to questions of interest within the framework of the theme selected. The aim of such events is exchange of experience among colleagues and access to the latest information on market tendencies in the sphere of hotel and restaurant business.
    Club Committees
   Special-purpose committees were established as the unique cooperation site for managers of profile subdivisions of hotels and restaurants. Meetings are characterised by a very high level of professional skills, and themes are generated by participants themselves making meetings ultimately efficient and interesting.
There are six special-purpose committees of the Club:
- Marketing Committee; 
- Finance and Law Committee;
- Architecture and Design Committee;
- HR Committee;
- Engineering and Technology Committee;
- Restaurant Innovator Committee.